LIG Magazine


Demographic Information


  • More than 100 000 readers around the country and in Namibia
  • ABC figure for the 3rd quarter of 2014: 26 686


  • Supermarkets (like Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar and Woolworths), bookshops
  • (like CNA, CUM and Exclusive Books), speciality stores (like Clicks and Dischem),
  • subscribers and various churches

On-Shelf Date:

  • Monthly, every third Monday of the month


  • 11 times a year (combined issue in December and January)
Magazine Focus

LIG, the Afrikaans family magazine, has a sparkling new look:

  • Fresher
  • Younger
  • With family at the heart of it all. 
  • It’s for everyone looking for greater depth in their relationships – in their relationship with God as well. 
  • The new LIG is still heartfelt and trustworthy, but it now has a new sense of vitality and verve.
  • Readers are invited to plan a trip, try out new styles and transform their lives – all with a spring in their step.