WILD Magazine


Demographic Information
  • Circulation of 66250.
  • Wild is published quarterly.
  • It includes a Website, Newsletter and Events.
  • 42% of the readers are 4 x 4 enthusiasts.
  • 58 % of the readers are ornithologist, enjoy camping and caravanning as well as photography.
  • All the Wildcard members are Wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Majority of visitors are between 35 & 55 years old.
  • Targeted at the upper LSM’s
Magazine Focus
  • Wild is South Africa’s most widely read environmental and outdoor magazine and the official publication of the Wild Card and the Wild Parks.
  • This prestigious and visually stunning magazine about our natural heritage is a must-read for anyone who is interested in wildlife, conservation, unspoilt areas and getting back to nature.
  • Wild is produced exclusively for members of the Wild Card, the loyalty programme of South Africa’s premier national parks and nature reserves. 
  • The biggest recreational loyalty programme of its kind, the Wild Card raises more than R40 million for conservation every year. 
  • Wild Card Website – Updated daily with news, blogs, trip reports, wildlife pictures and events, the Wild Card website is the ultimate information centre.